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<p>That didn't last too long.</p><p>Amazon Game Studios's lighthearted sci-fi adventure Tales From Deep Space was exclusive to Amazon Fire tablets for about seven months. It lost that exclusivity today as it came out for iOS.</p><p>It takes place on the eccentric Big Moon space station and has you helping out E and his luggage drone CASI escape after the station goes into lock down.</p><p>As you switch between E and CASI, using their different abilities in battle and puzzle solving, you uncover the plot behind the "Meek" uprising.</p><p>While this is a single player game you can also play local co-op if you have a friend with a copy of the game on their iPad or iPhone.</p><p>Want a humorous adventure to play with a friend? You could do worse than Tales From Deep Space. Grab it on the App Store for £4.99 / $6.99 right now.</p>.

GAME NAME Crazy Taxi Tycoon

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com.sigmateam.Crazy Taxi

among us app(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.6.6):

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