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<p>A doctor asks you how you're feeling. A messy jumble of words pools in your brain. You struggle to connect the words to form a coherent sentence.</p><p>That's what Grayout - the new game from Neven Mrgan and James Moore, and the prequel to the brilliant Blackbar - is trying to capture.</p><p>You've got aphasia, you see, which is a disorder that affects one’s ability to process language. So each puzzle is about trying to express the runaway thoughts in your brain.</p><p>It takes place in a totalitarian community called The Neighborhood, and you're Alaine - a rebellious resident, trapped in a hospital research lab.</p><p>We won't say much more as the joy is in the discovery. We'll have a full review soon but if you're already sold, the game is £2.29 / $2.99.</p>.

GAME NAME Demon Princess Marie

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com.sigmateam.Demon Princess

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