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Game play:

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2、�<p>Emma: Lost in Memories is a fast-paced looking platformer from Spanish developers SandBloom Studios. It marks the first game they're selling, having made all their previous games for Game Jolt and It's available now on iOS and Android.</p><p>Julien Gatumel, PR Director for Sandbloom, cited three games as the inspiration for Emma: Lost in Memories. These were Super Meat Boy for its level design, Celeste for its mechanics and Alto's Adventure for its minimalist art style. Those are obviously great games to draw influence from so it certainly makes me want to see what Emma: Lost in Memories is all about.</p><p>The story deals with the idea of memory loss. It's not something you see all that often so I'll be interested to see what kind of narrative this concept creates. As you can see in the trailer the idea of memory loss is reflected in the gameplay too. Once you've come into contact with the ground or a wall it will start to fade behind you.</p>



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