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Game introduction


Game features:


2、�Grim Face Clown(MOD)


4、Block City Wars MOD APK gameplay application refers to how the game is played. That means this game works by machines. The machines go into the crowd and attack the following machine forces. We can quickly attack it and seize the various types of weapons and weapons it has in hand. We can fully own the tool that the machine has brought. When we attack other machines with our forces, we can attack them with weapons. These machines are forgotten in buildings and houses in cities. These kinds of hidden machines will attack us if we come out. So when we enter the city we have to carry weapons in our hands. There will be separate machines around that will steal the different types of items we have. So to stop this kind of theft, we can quickly bring down the weapons that come to steal the weapons further. This game will tell you the hint of which way we should go—showing us the sign of where the enemies are hiding.&#;

Game play:

1、�Of grief and blushes, aptly understood

2、Gilbert smiled.�

3、Captain Jim smiled delightedly.�


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